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From Walls to Walls: An interactive non-fiction

In today’s globalised world, what walls do we resist, what walls do we long for?

‘From Walls to Walls‘ is a piece of interactive non-fiction I produced, exploring the notions of boundaries and expressions. Take a look at the piece, available here:

The piece draws on the myriad meanings of ‘walls’. In an increasingly globalised world, it asks, what walls – physical, emotional and virtual – unite us, and what of those divide, what we resist and what we long for, inviting the reader to click through the different aspects of the piece to explore their implications.

I was excited that ‘From Walls to Walls‘ was also shortlisted under the ‘student category’ of the New Media Writing Prize.


Development short story – The Interview

The Institute of Development Studies of UK held a short story competition for its students, staff, members and research partners, to encourage fiction writing on development. The event was held as part of its 50th anniversary. My story won the second prize. It is titled, The Interview. You can read the story here, on the The Guardian’s Global Development website, or on the IDS website.

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