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Sustainability and disasters

Trash talking

With population growth and increased consumption, we are producing more waste than before. In 2016, New York was widely cited as the world’s most wasteful city, using the most energy, disposing of the most trash, and using more water than any other city. While cities and corporates continue to introduce waste reducing schemes and encourage recycling, more robust efforts are needed to address the growing negative environmental and social impacts of waste.  Continue reading “Trash talking”


Why we still need to write about polio

Growing up, I remember a young woman, who lived down our lane, walking with a limp on her leg. I gradually learnt that this was as a result of polio, where one of her legs were shorter than the other, and that she had contracted the virus at a young age. I came to understand polio this way. But, that is all I knew about the virus.

Polio is rare. In fact, it is close to extinction, and this is seen in the numbers. Continue reading “Why we still need to write about polio”

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