Senaratne, M (2017) ‘Testimony and Trauma in Sri Lanka’s War Narratives’ In Cakirtas, O. (ed) Ideological Messaging and the Role of Political Literature, IGI Global, 1-317, doi:10.4018/978-1-5225-2391-8

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Abstract of chapter:

This chapter examines Sri Lankan fiction against the country’s devastating ethnic conflict. It aims to re-read selected and contrasting texts, the recently released autobiography, A Long Watch: War, Captivity and Return in Sri Lanka, and the novel, Island of a Thousand Mirrors, as stories of trauma, examining their role as testimonies to what is unknown, or have been left unsaid, of the country’s war. Further, drawing on theories of trauma, it examines the notion of trauma as the experience of having survived a horrific event, placing the characters as witnesses. It argues that such texts, by giving voice to the unknown, disturbs the everyday.